Waiting for Luca

I’m trying to plan things everyday as I anticipate the arrival of my new baby boy. But alas, I did not plan anything for today. So I’ve been wastefully trying to distract myself on my phone but it’s not really helping. I keep seeing new babies all over the Internet!

On Thursday my chiropractor adjusted me and moved some things around in my belly. He projected that most full term mamas he adjusts to help get things going, deliver within the next few days. His guess was Saturday, today, for me. It’s now past 5pm and Luca is still in my belly! I’m trying not to stress or rush Luca, but I’m 4 days past my due date and I’m ready to get things going! Plus how nice would it be to have a baby on the weekend, right?!

Well, maybe I’ll just take a little nap and try to forget for a little while!

I’m planning some reviews here pretty soon. I really would like to make this blog successful!

Just thought I’d share what I’m up to though! I know he’ll come out one way or another! Just starting to get impatient since Jonah was 10 days late!

These boys just love their mama too much and don’t want to leave me.;)

Lol! So it’s been 2 years!!

I started my blog, I was so pumped and then life happened and I totally left it on the back burner! So now that my first son, Jonah, is 20 mo…I’m expecting baby #2, Luca!!

So stay tuned as I update and add content! My New Year’s resolution is to turn this into something quite spectacular!